In April, 2017, Center of Environmental Policy together with partners Aleksandras Stulginskis University and Institute of Agricultural resources and Economics (Latvia) started implementation of the project „Optimal catch crop solutions to reduce pollution in the transboundary Venta and Lielupe river basins“ supported by Interreg V-A Latvia-Lithuania Cross Border cooperation programme 2014-2020. Read More

LIFE fit for REACH

With colleagues from the other Baltic countries, we have just started a project “LIFE fit for REACH. Baltic pilot cases on reduction of emissions by substitution of hazardous chemicals and resource efficiency”. The project is aimed at: (a) protecting the environment and human health by making REACH implementation more effective, (b) increasing the knowledge and capacities of downstream SMEs in the Baltic States, (c) demonstrating effective substitution and resource efficiency cases in phasing out hazardous substances, and (d) engaging industry beyond project consortium and enhancing society dialogue: greening procurement, consumption, etc.


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